Upholstery Cleaning -- Because Your Couch Won't Fit in the Washer

You wash your sheets your towels, your clothes -- every textile in your home. Why? Because even if they look clean, you know that bacteria, dead skin cells, grime and odors gradually accumulate in-between the fibers. You also know that when fabrics are clean, they look and smell great. The same is true for your upholstered furniture. Professional upholstery cleaning at regular intervals can make such a difference in your home. Call First Choice today to deep clean and revitalize your upholstered furniture for that "whole house" clean feeling

Every Fabric Requires Specialized Care​

upholstery cleaning

​At First Choice, the type of fabric determines what upholstery cleaning process we do. For example, microfiber requires special brushing. On heavily soiled cushions or corners, we use an oil remover to emulsify the dirt to the surface. Afterward, we apply a solvent protector to seal your fibers. In every case, we take special care of your fine fabrics.

Make us Your First Choice for Upholstery Stains​

We're experts at both carpet and upholstery stain removal. We offer upholstery cleaning for both residential and commercial locations.​

When you remove a stain, you want to keep the original fabric's fiber integrity and original color intact. We're tough on stains, but gentle on your prized fabric. We're careful to preserve the original dye color. There's nothing worse than tryping to remove a stain yourself with a harsh commercial product, and find you are left with fading, color bleeding, or a "bleached out" patch on your furniture.

Pet Stains on Your Furniture?​

If your pet has an accident on your furniture, call First Choice. We can treat urine, vomit, or feces, and have separate treatments for the staining, the odor and the bacteria that will bring your furniture back to looking, smelling and feeling great.​

I have used Paul's services several times and have been extremely happy with the results. Carpets and furniture (2 large sectionals) looked amazing. I highly recommend Paul. He's a great guy and does a great job!!
Christine Catalano 
Residential Customer