Pet Stain Removal: Call the First Choice Professionals!

Pet stain removal is a First Choice specialty. To remove pet stains thoroughly, you need our professional service. Why? Do-it-yourself spray treatments or home use steam cleaning machines often provide only superficial cleaning. Urine and vomit can soak deep into the yarn and even the padding. To really get that pet stain out for good, you need the deep cleaning power that professional equipment and expert treatment provide.

No Two Stains are Alike

Pet accidents leave not only a stain, but also odor and bacteria. That's why urine, vomit and feces accidents each require careful assessment and a multi-stage approach.

For example, First Choice has several treatments for dog and cat urine: One for the yellowing, one for the odor and another for the bacteria. We choose which method to use based on how high the acid level is in your stain. Acid levels can be different in urine or vomit. Also, pet stains require a different approach based on how old the stain is.

Get that Stubborn Pet Odor OUT!

Odor is often the most stubborn and unpleasant part of pet accidents. That's why our odor treatment is done in two to three steps, depending on the severity of the smell. Pet stain removal goes hand in hand with pet odor removal at First Choice.

pet stains

We have used First Choice in two houses we have owned. Having kids or animals, like most of us do, you never know what is going to be spilled or tracked in on the carpet or furniture. Their professional and knowledgeable staff always remove all of our stains. They clean our furniture, put protective coating back on to seal the fibers, then dry with blowers before leaving. We have referred First Choice to several people we know and we love the referral program they have.

Vince and Lisa Manini 
Residential Customers