​Automobile Carpet and Interiors

Why leave your car at a detail shop any longer than you have to? First Choice comes to you, bringing unparalleled cleaning expertise to your own driveway, cleaning your automobile interior while you relax at home with your family. You can include an automobile cleaning in your regular home carpet visit or book a special auto cleaning visit. We'll power clean:

automobile carpet cleaning
  • Dirty car mats
  • Automobile carpeting
  • Upholstered interiors

First Choice will leave your vehicle's interior looking sleek and new. It's true what they say: a clean car drives better!

Increased Sales Value

If you are selling your auto, boat, camper, or RV, call First Choice right away. You will earn your cleaning investment back in increased sales value from your vehicle's sparkling interior. You'll also impress your buyer with your impeccable vehicle maintenance.

boat interior cleaning
camper cleaning

Campers, Boats and
Recreational Vehicles

Get your boat or RV ready for a big vacation so you can enjoy your travel in a clean "home away from home." First Choice steam cleaning for RV carpets and interiors gets rid of musty odors, and tackles mold and mildew. You can also make it a regular tradition to have First Choice clean your boat or RV interior after travel season before you put it into storage. That way, it will be ready to go next year!

patio furniture cleaning

Patio Furniture, Cushions,
Umbrellas and Awnings​

Why replace outdoor patio cushions or umbrellas, when you can make them look brand new! First Choice can get rid of mold, mildew and dirt on your outdoor fabrics with our professional steam cleaning equipment.​

Do you have another cleaning project not listed here?
Call us for a free consultation on how we might be able to help!