Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning

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Area rug cleaning and oriental rug cleaning is an art. The wrong cleaning method can damage fibers or cause colors to fade or bleed. Your area and oriental rugs are a big investment, and the focal point of decor in any room. That’s why you need a professional like First Choice to assess and clean your area rug the right way.

Why Professional Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning is Important

Area and oriental rugs can be made of one or any combination of fibers, such as wool, nylon, cotton, and others. There is also a difference between machine-made and hand-woven rugs. Without professional cleaning, sand and dirt can grind deep into the rug’s base, causing friction that wears away the fiber. Keeping your rug clean extends its life in addition to improving its appearance.

Our Professional Strategy for Cleaning Area and Oriental Rugs

  • We first determine the rug’s country of origin and how susceptible it is to shrinking, bleeding or brown-out.
  • First Choice applies its stain removal expertise to area and oriental rug cleaning as part of your professional service.
  • We use a colorfast shampoo to prevent browning and then pre-spray the rug to emulsify the dirt to the surface.
  • For rugs that are bleeders, we spray a color stabilizer on the rug prior to cleaning to lock in the colors and prevent bleeding.
  • We also use a solvent solution after cleaning to keep fibers soft.
  • We block the rugs to prevent shrinking and dry them with turbo dryers
  • Finally, we apply a solvent protector to seal your fibers.

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Oriental and Area Rugs

  • Just like spinning your mattress every season, spin your oriental rug​ 180 degrees every 6 months to prevent wear paths.
  • Vacuum your rug regularly to lift out abrasive grit and particles that can compromise the integrity of the fibers.
  • Have your rugs cleaned annually by First Choice to deep clean the full length of the pile and remove oils and particles that age your rug.

I have used First Choice for several years…They removed stains other companies couldn’t because they know which cleaning product/process to use for specific stains. My traffic areas stay cleaner longer due to their deep carpet cleaning process. The company does quality work and does follow-up calls. First Choice really does care about their customers and takes pride in the job they do

Lynn Torre, Glen Ellyn

Our family has been a loyal customer of First Choice for 21 years. The technician’s attention when cleaning our carpeting, upholstery, and flooring is without equal. We have had 2 dogs, 3 children and a variety of spots, stains, pet accidents, and assorted cleaning dilemmas. First Choice always found a solution to remedy our carpet cleaning situations to our complete satisfaction…It’s not easy to find a company that performs the work at a price that balances cost along with quality.

Michael & Anne Kryger, Glen Ellyn

Exceptional service! Our carpet looks amazing! We can’t believe how clean Paul was able to make our stairs look! I will continue to recommend his service to everyone I know!

Donna Teagle, Residential Customer

We’ve used Paul’s services multiple times since we moved into our home more than 12 years ago. The results from the very first cleaning back then were nothing short of amazing, and subsequently, our carpets continue to look just great. Professional, personable, does what he says he’s going to do. Outstanding value!

Chris Murin, Residential Customer

Very satisfied with First Choice Carpet Cleaner. They were professional and explained the process from start to finish. They were able to get out a lot of stains from plants and spilled beverages. Will definitely hire them again for both business and residential jobs.

Julie W., Algonquin

Top Notch performance. Considerably better than previous providers. I am sticking with them. They gave me valuable advice that will help me to maintain my carpets between professional cleanings. Very professional, congenial and efficient. The Best.

Mike W., Rolling Meadows

We have used First Choice in two houses we have owned. Having kids or animals, like most of us do, you never know what is going to be spilled or tracked in on the carpet or furniture. Their professional and knowledgeable staff always remove all of our stains. They clean our furniture, put protective coating back on to seal the fibers, then dry with blowers before leaving. We have referred First Choice to several people we know and we love the referral program they have.

Vince and Lisa Manini, Residential Customers

I have used Paul’s services several times and have been extremely happy with the results. Carpets and furniture (2 large sectionals) looked amazing. I highly recommend Paul. He’s a great guy and does a great job!!

Christine Catalano, Residential Customer

Paul is very knowledgeable and conscientious about his services. He and his crew did a great job in my office. Thank you!

Judith Schening

Paul was fantastic. Showed up on time, measured and gave me a quote that was very close to his original estimate. The job turned out to be tougher than expected (paint in carpet) and it took a little longer than planned but Paul stuck with his original quote. I would have paid more for the great job they did. I’d certainly use them again!

Tom S., Schaumburg

Importance of cleaning during the pandemic

With the unfortunate spread of Covid-19 throughout the United States, it is now more important than ever to have a clean and disinfected home or business. Use First Choice Carpet Cleaner to help sanitize and deep clean, in order to prevent the spread and keep your love ones safe.

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