tile and grout cleaning
bathroom tile cleaning
tile and grout cleaning

Bathroom Tile and Grout Cleaning​

We offer​ professional tile and grout cleaning for bathroom floors, walls and showers. There are many types of grout and tile stains, including pink mold, black mold, mildew, rust, calcium, soap scum and general grime. First Choice will power it all away with our rotary brush and tile cleaner. Then we'll power dry your tile with our turbo dryers, and apply a sealant to the grout to protect it from future staining.

Kitchen Tile and Grout Cleaning​

We're experts at cleaning ceramic tile, linoleum and slate. In traffic areas where the grout is very soiled, we apply a degreaser. We then use a rotary brush machine to scrub the tile and grout with a tile cleaner, then steam clean it and dry the tile with turbo blowers. After it is dry, we apply a sealant to seal the grout. or linoleum floors, we apply a paste wax and then power-buff them.​

Entryways, Hallways and Living Space

With today's decor trends, people are enjoying tile in many rooms of the house, accented with area and oriental rugs​. Mops and brooms can only clean so much. Let us professionally deep clean both your rugs and tile for a fresh, clean and revitalized home.

Tips to Protect Your Tile and Grout​

  • Install and use bathroom fans to ventilate moist air out during and after showers and baths. This will go a long way in preventing mold and mildew.
  • Rinse soap scum off walls and shower doors regularly. Keeping tile and grout clean prevents deep staining and layers of grime that are tough to get out.
  • Try this trick: Before tossing your used bath towel in the laundry after a shower, use it to wipe down your shower walls for a quick surface drying and cleaning.​
  • Tile and grout cleaning on your own is a tiresome and thankless job. Let us save you time and aggravation, and deliver sparkling clean results!